After undergoing emergency surgery for diverticulitis, Eddie Van Halen was in the hospital for three weeks and will now need four to six months at home to recover from the procedure. CNN reported that the Van Halen guitarist developed the condition while on the recent tour and then had a serious flare-up once he came off the road.

Diverticulitis is a digestive disease that occurs when pouches of the inner intestine lining become inflamed or infected. The symptoms include nausea, vomiting, fever and cramping. Eddie had surgery to remove the infected intestine that resulted in another infection when Van Halen popped a few stitches, resulting in the three week hospital stay.

Van Halen’s November tour of Japan is being rescheduled for sometime in 2013, and this may mean the band’s discussed and rumored Super Bowl halftime show performance may not happen in February. Get well Eddie!!

David Lee Roth sent this message to Eddie from Japan, as he was doubling up doing promotion for the now postponed tour and sword training with a Shungendo monk, Sueyoshi Akeshi:

Love and support from all of us in Japan.

Get well soon.