After a 20 year hiatus, recording artist and actress Fiona is back in action with a new CD, Unbroken, produced by James Christian of House Of Lords. I always had a huge crush on Fiona back in the day, and it is really good to see that she is getting some new music out. I used to think of her as a more rocking Patty Smyth, and I had a thing for her too. Remember Fiona’s duet with Kip Winger “Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me) as well as her acting roles as Bob Dylan’s love interest in Hearts of Fire and the Miami Vice second season episode “Little Miss Dangerous”? Check out some video below:

Unbroken will be released October 1st and contains mostly all new songs written by Fiona, James Christian, Tommy Denander, Holly Knight, Marc Tanner and the UK pop production team, The Elements. There’s a remake of Shadows of the Night with DL Byron’s original dark lyrics, a tribute to the beloved 80’s band, Prophet, and a bonus female duet with internationally renowned rocker, Robin Beck.

“I have released this new CD for two reasons. Very polite, albeit relentless hounding from fans and the absolute joy of creating this particular music that I miss so much. After raising a family and getting some sleep it was clear that I was ready to sing again. It is in this spirit that I dedicate this CD to all fans old and new. Thank you for the pushes, gentle and intense. Especially from my friend and fellow artist Robin Beck and the AOR Melodic rock community. Here it is. Enjoy. With affection and gratitude, I am yours, UNBROKEN.”

Track Listing: Loved Along The Way, Broken, I’ve Released You, Shadows Of The Night, Badge Of Love, Wild One, This Heart (Duet with Robin Beck), Get Yer Kix, Salt On My Wings, I Love You But Shut Up, Everything You Are.
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Here’s the most memorable Fiona flashbacks:

I forgot about this one called “Hearts Of Fire”, which was the theme to a movie she starred in with Bob Dylan. Check out Dylan’s 80’s hair….hilarious. Bob also has many opportunies to gaze lovingly into Fiona’s eyes.

Miami Vice “Little Miss Dangerous” episode from 1986. Fiona played a a psycho in this episode with “Order Of Death” from Public Image Ltd. musically wrapping up this clip. Campy and cliche, but still a bit dark and fun to watch.