The first part of a two-volume book about the amazing musical career of Eric Clapton’s is scheduled to be published on May 14th. ‘Eric Clapton Day by Day: The Early Years, 1963-1982’ will look at the guitar legend’s various recording projects and concert appearances. Written by veteran music journalist Mark Roberty, the book will also include interviews with musicians, engineers, producers and others who worked closely with Clapton during his life.

‘Eric Clapton Day by Day’ will offer chronological entries revealing the details of Slowhand’s creative achievements on a daily basis. The book is being released in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Clapton’s musical debut. The second volume of ‘Day by Day’ is expected to hit stores in the fall of 2013.

Roberty has written other books about Slowhand over the years, including 1986’s ‘Eric Clapton — A Visual Documentary,’ 1991’s ‘Slowhand — The Life and Music of Eric Clapton,’ 1993’s ‘Eric Clapton — The Complete Recording Sessions 1963-1992’ and 1994’s ‘The Eric Clapton Album — Thirty Years of Music & Memorabilia.’