Fleetwood Mac have recently announced their return to the road in 2013, with 34 U.S. dates announced starting in April, and now thankfully. have announced they will also be releasing some new music before the tour.

Stevie Nicks has announced that the band have recorded three songs, including two new tunes, ‘Sad Angela’ and ‘Miss Fantasy.’ The third track dates back to the sessions for the 1973 Buckingham Nicks album, which was released prior to the two joining Fleetwood Mac.

Stevie says the tracks should be released digitally in January or February, and stated that “since nobody really cares about albums anymore, if you can come up with two or three great songs and just put them out there…people can at least hear how we sound today.”

Nicks added how impressed she is with the sound of the group today and that Fleetwood Mac has never broken up: “It’s really wild to me. It blows my mind. Because we’ve never stopped, our voices and everything…sound extremely young to me because when you keep working, things don’t change.”

“We didn’t break up. We never break up. We just take a break and do our own things, and when it’s time [to regroup] everybody’s ready.” She compares getting together with the band again after its hiatus to “a big, fantastic Halloween party when you haven’t been to a Halloween party in three years.”

Christine McVie’s name always comes up when Fleetwood Mac reconvene, but Nicks says her participation is as likely as “an asteroid hitting the earth. She is done. You know when you look in somebody’s face and you can just tell? She doesn’t want to do it anymore. She doesn’t want to fly. She doesn’t want to come back to America. When she left, she left.”

In separate interviews, Lindsey Buckingham says the rest of the band was geared up for a new album, not just a couple of new tracks, and says the band even went as far as to potentially record eight new songs in an effort to engage Nicks. Buckingham told Rolling Stone he believes his bandmate might have been intimidated by the new material. “I think she was very defensive against the idea of making an album.”

In regards to McVie coming back to the Mac, Buckingham told CBS, “Well, that’s a good question. It’s an odd thing for me, in many ways I’m having a better time in the band as a foursome, only because it opens up a range of things that I can do. Except for maybe ‘Don’t Stop,’ we don’t do a lot of her stuff. It opens up the amount of material we can play, it allows me to be more of a ‘guy,’ to be more of who I am up there.”

Buckingham did add however, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss McVie’s contributions to the group. “I would be shocked if she ever expressed any interest to do anything with us. Shocked and pleased. She (McVie) ended up getting a divorce, she ended up selling her house in L.A., she moved back to England, she quit the band, she sold her publishing. She didn’t necessarily have to burn as many bridges as she did,” Buckingham explained. “Everyone sometimes wonders whether or not there might have been more of a middle ground for her to strike, not necessarily in terms of her staying in Fleetwood Mac. But she just wanted to reinvent herself. She seems to want to lead the antithesis of the life she led before, and I don’t pretend to understand such a radical change, but it was obviously something she needed.”

Fleetwood Mac starts rehearsals on Feb. 15, with the 2013 tour kicking off on April 4th in Columbus, Ohio.