Motorhead have already had success with their red wine Motörhead Shiraz, which has sold over a quarter of a million bottles sold. If that was a bit to high-brow for many of you beer drinking and hell raising Motorhead fans, get ready for Bastards Lager.

Motorhead’s Bastards Lager is only currently available in Sweden, as it was unveiled for the 2012 Sweden Rock Festival. The band’s Motorhead drinks website describes Motorhead Bastards Lager as “a gloriously fresh and fruity beer with a wonderful character of light malt. It’s easy to drink but has a hard rock edge. It’s perfect for all those occasions when you feel that craving for a cold beer such as those summer barbecues and picnics, naturally with music pumping at full blast through the loudspeakers. This Bastard has a refreshing, zesty taste with a nice malt curve and a hint of citrus. A quality beer that can be appreciated by rock ‘n’ roll fans of all ages.” When Motorhead says “all ages,” they mean it…at least in Sweden as the country doesn’t enforce a legal drinking age for private consumption of alcohol.

Hopefully here in American we can consume some Motorhead Bastards Lager soon!