The Eagles are marking their 40th anniversary in 2012, but Glenn Frey says the band probably won’t be doing a big celebratory tour, and talks about his upcoming solo album in a new interview with Rolling Stone. He also touches on the possibility of Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon joining the band back on stage at some point,  if he is ever shocked with the amount of records the Eagles have sold, and a two-DVD documentary on the history of the band.

RS: I’ve heard Joe Walsh say that the Eagles are planning a 40th anniversary tour for this year. Is that the case?

GF: Well, that sounds great, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s just kind of the way that things fall. This is more of a planning year for us. We went through a four-year touring cycle with Long Road Out of Eden, and this year we’re playing some places where we’ve never played before. That’s been sort of our goal now – at least once a year, go to a place where we haven’t played. Last year we went to China and to Taiwan. We went to Iceland, we played some places . . . South Korea . . . some places we’ve never been. This year it’s South Africa, it’s Dubai. We’re going to play Jazz Fest in New Orleans this year. Just a handful of shows this year.

We’re working on a two-DVD documentary of the history of the Eagles. It’s a time-consuming project. We hired a fantastic director – Alex Gibney, he won the Academy award for Taxi to the Dark Side, about Guantanamo. He also directed Smartest Guys in the Room, the Enron documentary, which was also nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary. So he’s helming this whole mission that we have right now, and there’s a couple of other things I can’t actually talk about. But as far as touring goes, we haven’t decided to do that yet. We might wait until this documentary come out and then do a tour we can call “History of the Eagles.”

RS: Joe was talking about a set list that goes chronologically through the history, with a lot of archival video getting incorporated into the show.

GF: That’s exactly . . . yeah. I could see us doing that. I just don’t see us doing that this year. I see us getting ready to do this. Maybe when September comes around we can sort of look and say, “OK. Let’s go out next year and let’s do” – like you said. That’s my idea, but whether it happens or not we gotta just wait and see. We just do one year at a time with the band. It seems to be the best way to take everybody’s temperature and see what we’re up for doing each year. It just didn’t fall that we were going to be doing some big 40th anniversary tour – it may be better to sweep that 40 number under the carpet. People will look at the map and they’ll figure out that we’re really, really old. The Stones are doing the 50th, and the Beach Boys. So maybe we should stay out of that.

Frey will launch a brief tour in May to promote his upcoming solo album, ‘After Hours,’ a collection of classic love songs that includes Forties standards like “Sentimental Reasons” and “My Buddy” alongside more recent tunes, like “Caroline, No” by the Beach Boys and “Same Girl” by Randy Newman. ‘After Hours’ is set for release on May 8. Read the entire interview here:

Watch the EPK for the ‘After Hours’ album  here.