There are few that have lived the hard rocking life of Gregg Allman. Allman is living, breathing, walking history and he’s bottling the story for the first time in his own words with the May 1st release of his autobiography, ‘My Cross To Bear.’

The book pulls back the curtain on his life for the first time, with Allman telling all the thrilling tales of his adventures onstage and off. He goes deep about his several failed marriages, including his high-profile union with Cher. His battles with drugs and alcohol, which eventually lead to him having a liver transplant later in life, are also documented in the tome.

Additionally, his upbringing in the South is also discussed, offering a portrait of life in the 1960s with brother Duane during an intense time of racial and cultural transformation, which eventually impacted the music they made.

The motorcycle deaths of Duane as well as bassist Berry Oakley, which occurred but a year apart, also receive considerable space. There will of course be a digital version, released as an enhanced eBook, which will feature videos, additional interviews, never-before-seen photos and more.

While ‘Cross’ will cover a lot of ground to encompass the many miles and adventures that Allman has enjoyed through the years, he aims to tell the story from a new point of view.

“There’s been a few books that have come out about the Allman Brothers, so I thought if I ever do a book, I’m gonna stay on the funny side, because behind the scenes, it was hilarious.”

He recalls his first gig as a seventh grader, “it was six dollars a night and man, I was a pro-fessional!” Although many years have passed since that first show, he still sees elements of that youngster inside the legendary musician that he has become, beloved by so many. “There’s a big chunk of him left in me.”

“A band means a bunch of guys working together for the same goal — that’s what the word ‘band’ means and we defined it,” Allman says, reflecting on his life on the road with the group that bears his name, adding that “if I died today, I have had me a blast.”