Everyone’s favorite alien overlord and lead-throat thing of GWAR, Oderus Urungus, will take a brief break from his arctic slumber to get “fucked up with the fans” for the debut of the “GWAR-B-Q Beer.” The beer was created from a recipe by Rob Chalmers especially for the upcoming GWAR-B-Q (August 17th in Richmond,VA). But as a special treat for the fans Oderus himself will be travelling (via bat-shaped helicopter, of course…) to Ybor City, Florida to officially debut the brand-new, mind-altering product.

“This is another milestone on the road leading to the GWAR-B-Q, the new GWAR album, and the brand-new GWAR show we will be putting on tour this fall,” said the hardest-partying front-creature in rock. “I am looking forward to meeting with the fans, getting incredibly wasted, and then vomiting all over them. Then we will sell that!”

The event, which is presented by GWAR, Cigar City Brewing, Crowbar Live and DMD will feature free samples of the all new “GWAR B-Q Beer” as well as Brutal Burgers topped with GWAR-B-Q Sauce. Get all the details and tickets here: www.gwar.net

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