The new “super-group” HardRock AllStars, featuring Jaime St. James (Black N Blue, ex-Warrant), Juan Croucier (ex-Ratt), Jon E. Love (Love/Hate) and Pete Holmes (Black N Blue) have posted their first promo video. The band plays a refreshing mix of hard rock, pop and metal from the 70’s and 80’s. They have paid meticulous attention to the detail of the songs, and have a ‘take-no-prisoners’ attitude to their live performances. “We have taken our time in selecting classic hard rock songs that have not been over played by other bands and also mixed in some of the biggest hits from our personal bands; current and past,” Croucier says. “This is an authentic line up of seasoned veterans, the kind of band that you would have seen in the early 80’s playing the Hollywood clubs of the day and we perform on stage like everything depends on it.” Recently, the band debuted at Club Vodka’s eight-year celebration at the Key Club in Hollywood. “This being our first time on stage, from my point of view we tore the roof off the place,” St. James says. “If this is any indication of what’s to come, get ready for an ass kicking.”