One of the most successful female groups of the 90’s have started a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to record a new album. Help Jan, Jenna, Kat and Lynn raise the money needed to record and release some new music!

Do you believe in fulfilling dreams? Do you agree that you’re never too old to rock? Do you believe that women can be rockstars too? Vixen does – and now we want to prove it’s all possible. You can help out here:

The Queens of Metal, the Female Bon Jovi, however you have heard Vixen described, you will definitely know that they were one of the most successful female rock bands in the world. Massive hits like “Edge of a Broken Heart” and “Cryin’” heralded their position in the rock charts – including 4 singles in Billboard’s Hot 100 – and made them a permanent fixture on the most popular rock compilation albums of the 90s.

Jan Kuehnemund, the founder of Vixen, has seen tumultuous times. She’s experienced the highs of success and the lows of break ups. She has built and rebuilt the band she created from the ashes more times than the Phoenix.
But we won’t be Cryin’. Despite a variety of set backs, the dedicated women of the current lineup of Vixen – Jan, Jenna, Kat and Lynn – have been playing and writing together for over 10 years. This video of the song “Give Me Away” from Vixen’s last studio album, Live & Learn, provides a little montage of what the girls have been up to over the past few years – writing, performing, touring, and doing their best to keep the music of Vixen alive despite life’s challenges.

The drama of unscrupulous representatives, immoral business partners, and greedy industry types have been balanced by the joys of undying loyalty in the face of adversity. And through it all, Jan and the rest of the foxes of rock have never lost their love for their fans and rock and roll. In fact, we’re Desperate to make a new record. If you love rock and roll, and Vixen, please help us record a new Vixen album and celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the release of the first Vixen album with us.

As a reward for your support, we have a lot to offer. Start with a never-before-released Vixen track. After this appetizer, add advance copies of a live album recorded at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2005, and finish it off with a DVD of the only full length Vixen concert ever available on video (non-bootleg, of course). Some extra desserts for the Vixen aficianados of the world: rare and exclusive early Vixen merch, the original school desk from the cover of “Live & Learn,” the acoustic guitar played on MTV’s “Unplugged” in 1990, pizza and beer with the band at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip, an opportunity to sing at a live show, even a private concert. And so much more…

We are Cruisin’ for the financial goal of $35,000.Your pledges will be used to pay for demoing new material, recording, mixing, mastering, and associated rehearsal and travel expenses.Keep in mind, this budget covers creating and packaging the album only. Every dollar we raise over $35,000 will be used for such things as promotion of the album once it’s released because we would love for it to reach as many people as possible! Additional funds could also enable us to play some shows, particularly in areas of the world we’ve never been able to travel to, and especially if we receive a great out-pouring of support for this campaign in certain areas! We may also use funds to shoot a new video or two.

Thank you to all of our fans and friends for the love, support, and friendship you have shown us for all of these years. Your letters and emails give us the strength to keep going. And if you have any suggestions for items you would like to see as a pledge item (let’s try to keep this G to PG-13 rated please) please feel free to make a suggestion and we’ll see what we can do.

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