The new album from Jack White ‘Blunderbuss’ is in stores now, adding to the legacy of one of the most inovative, original rockers we have left in the music world. Jack truly cares about the art of record making and it shows in each and every release he has done in his career with bands he has been a part of (White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather) and now in his solo work. His own record label, Third Man Records is not only helping keep vinyl releases alive, it’s doing it in diverse and innovative ways. Remember ‘Your turntables not dead’! Check out his new video, some recent TV appearances, and links to some great features on Jack.

Jack White made a stop on the ‘Harald Schmidt Show’ in Germany recently (Apr. 19) to perform ‘Sixteen Saltines’ and ‘Freedom at 21.’ Schmidt has been described as the German David Letterman.

Here’s Jack on SNL last month in case you missed it:
Here’s the awesome new video for ‘Sixteen Saltines’

Read this fantastic and thorough profile on Jack with the NY Times here:

Here’s a review of the new album from the Los Angeles Times by Randall Roberts: reports today: Jack White has signed on to write, produce and perform the score for a forthcoming remake of The Lone Ranger by Walt Disney Studios and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Though White has contributed music to other movies, most notably Cold Mountain, this will be his first experience scoring a feature film.

The Lone Ranger will be directed by Gore Verbinski and will star Armie Hammer – best known for his turn as both Winklevoss twins in The Social Network – as the title character, and Johnny Depp as his sidekick, Tonto.

Jerry Bruckheimer described the project as being like “The Odd Couple meeting The Wild Bunch” yesterday at CinemaCon, an annual convention for theater owners. “We’re going to have a little rock & roll score, and I can’t wait to hear his rendition of the ‘William Tell Overture,'” Bruckheimer said of White’s involvement.