TMZ is reporting that former WARRANT singer Jani Lane was carrying a note in his pocket on the day he died which read, “I am Jani Lane,” but Jani wasn’t the person who wrote the note.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Jani had no official ID on him when his body was discovered at a Los Angeles motel on August 11. The note contained a phone number for a person close to Jani and police contacted that person after Jani’s body was discovered.

Investigators have confirmed the note was written by one of Jani’s friends and that person had placed a similar note on Jani in the past. Cops have been in contact with that person.

However, the note has infuriated members of Jani’s family — who tell TMZ whoever had written the note was clearly aware that Jani had a substance abuse problem and should have helped Jani seek treatment instead of simply tucking a piece of paper into his pants.

Jani Lane was remembered last Saturday in an 85-minute service at Crossroads Community Church in Doylestown, Ohio. The locale was chosen because Lane’s first cousin, Adam Gable, is a member of the church. The service was attended by 100 or so family and friends. The event was closed to the public, but no public showed up. A sole limo sat outside the church throughout the ceremony, before leaving with only its driver.

“We had hundreds of requests,” Gable said. “We wanted to keep it very intimate, for family and close friends.”

Fans seemed to honor that wish. Nobody lingered either inside or outside the church. If there were any curious onlookers, they were gone before the service started. Though a Doylestown police officer was on hand, he wasn’t needed. Inside, friends and family remembered a local kid who made it big, then succumbed to what seems to fell many of his peers. “He had a demon, which was alcohol,” said Gable, who said he last saw Lane in 2010. “I think the drinking just got the best of him.”

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