‘Blow Your Pants Off,’ the second album from late-night talk-show host Jimmy Fallon is slated for release on June 12th. Past musical guests on his show and artists he’s done musical impressions of will be featured on the album.

Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder are going to ‘Blow Your Pants Off,’ as the album is expected to feature new songs and music from some of the sketches and viral videos the funnyman has helped create for ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.’ Look for his Neil Young and Doors parodies and the tunes he’s sung as the “Tebowie” character, which is a combination of the Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie and football phenomenon Tim Tebow. The record, which is due out on June 12. Fallon just had a 7″ vinyl Tebowie single released on Record Store Day 2012, this past Saturday (Apr. 21)

When questioned how the new album got its name Fallon explained, “So far everyone that’s heard the album had their pants blown off. There’s nothing that we can do about it.”