Keith Richards may have put his hard-living days behind him, but he’s not above getting down and dirty when he feels he’s been provoked.

During a recent interview with Swedish publication Aftonbladets, Richards allegedly hit reporter Markus Larsson in the head while promoting his new book ‘Life’ at a Paris hotel.

According to Spinner, the spat between Larsson and Richards escalated quickly, with Richards attacking Larsson only 10 minutes into their interview together. Recalling the incident, Larsson said, “He stood up and asked if we would put out the lights and settle the disagreement straight away. At first I was just surprised, I thought he was pulling my leg, but then I realized he was serious and then I felt uncomfortable and I just wanted to get out of there pretty fast.”

Richards, apparently unsatisfied with simply injuring the journalist, told Larsson, “You’re lucky to get out of here alive.”

The feud between Richards and Larsson goes back to 2007, when the writer called the Rolling Stones “amateurs,” giving their show in Gothenburg, Sweden, a mere 2 out of 5 rating.

Richards demanded a public apology from Larsson after the 2007 review, but the writer chose to stand by his opinion.

Following the incident, CBS published Larsson’s statement, which read, “I am not going to apologize for my subjective opinion … It is Keith who should apologize. After all it costs around $145 to see a rock star who can hardly handle the (guitar) riff to ‘Brown Sugar’ any more.”

The Stones are rumored to be going back on tour as soon as 2011, following a 4-year hiatus from the road.
There is talk of recording new material in Jan./Feb. as well. Will keep you updated here on on that.

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