King’s X are planning CD and vinyl re-issues of multiple catalog titles in 2015 and the band seeks old photos, flyers, etc. to be featured in the reissues.

The titles are:
“Faith Hope Love” CD & LP
“Gretchen Goes To Nebraska” LP
“Out Of The Silent Planet” LP
“King’s X” CD & LP
“Ear Candy” CD & LP
“Dogman” LP


King’s X will be releasing a series of re-issues in 2015 on CD and on vinyl. The band and Metal Blade Records are putting together packaging and track listings at this very moment, and the band would like to ask fans for a favor! King’s X are looking for photos, show flyers, ticket stubs, etc. from the 1988-1996 era of the band. If you were there and have any photos from that time, they have a chance to be featured in the layout for one of the upcoming re-issues!

Disclaimer: It is acknowledged and understood that any and all material sent to the band will become the property of King’s X and as such can be used for any and all purposes. By Sending in photos, you are giving King’s X full and total control to use any material sent in, for all uses, including and not limited to promotion and public dissemination of said material.

King's X Faith Hope Love album coverKing's X Gretchen Goes to Nebraska album coverKings X Out of the Silent Planet album coverKing's X album cover

Kings X Ear Candy album coverKings X Dogman album cover