The KISS Kruise which wrapped up last Monday, was a rousing success! The Broward Palm Beach New Times reported: One young Kiss Army member put it best when he said, “All other music fans are measured against Kiss fans.” With about 2,000 diehards aboard the Carnival Destiny — many of whom never considered taking a cruise previously — a weekend voyage dubbed the Kiss Kruise proved to be the ultimate test of this fan base’s dedication.

It was surprising that pop culture writer Chuck Klosterman was nowhere to be found on the very first Kiss Kruise. Few people — save official biographers Ken Sharp and David Leaf, and prolific author/bassist Gene Simmons — have published such passionately written accounts of the band over the years.

Klosterman devotes much of a chapter of his 2005 book Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story to a road trip through Montana in which he excitedly listened to all four “unloved” 1978 Kiss solo records — each titled after an individual member of the band — back-to-back. He writes: “I love Kiss because the world makes sense when I think about them.” And a large percentage of Kiss Kruisers feel exactly the same way.

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This is the most complete coverage of the Kruise I have seen. I commend the Broward Palm Beach New Times on a ridiculously fantastic job! Read all about the Kruise here.

Photo: Ian Whitlen