We know Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has a love of electronic music, as Korn’s latest record ‘The Path of Totality’ delved into dubstep territory and took the band into a new and differnet stage of their career. Now Davis will release an electronic EP under his ‘alter ego’ J Devil.

Davis told Rolling Stone, “I love DJing, and I love rocking out, it’s fun going from DJing electro and heavy dubstep to Korn. It’s therapy for me. I’ve been working on my EP. I got a studio on the bus. I write every night.”

Davis also talked about Grammy award-winning Korn collaborator Skrillex and if he will serve as a heavy influence on the EP. “I love what he does, (but) I think the only influence I took was mashing up different kinds of genres of music. It doesn’t really sound anything like him. I’ve had a chance to work with all the best guys in the business and it taught me a lot. I like to come up with my own style, so I’m getting respect from lots of people.”

Davis continues with the love for electronic music,”It keeps me motivated. It keeps me being creative and not getting bored with music. This is the biggest the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene has ever been. There’s so much creativity out there, and I love watching people play with their laptop. It’s a new instrument.”

We’ll get you more details about Jonathan Davis’ upcoming J Devil electronic EP, which is expected to be released sometime in 2012, when it becomes available.