Phil Lewis of LA Guns recently made comments that Motley Crue were boring to him, that Def Leppard are going through the motions and Poison with Bret Michaels muscle dance are an embarassment. He made those comments in a forum on Fans then took the Sludge story and sent it to Nikki via Twitter, and with that comment Nikki Sixx tweeted a reply about Phil.

Initially this all stemed froman interview Phil Lewis did with, where he talked about touring on their own and not wanting to be part of a package lineup. Here’s an excerpt from that interview:

BraveWords: The last time we spoke, you said that there was no purpose in doing new albums and yet here’s Hollywood Forever. What changed?

Phil Lewis: “I stuck to my word. We didn’t do the ‘four song EP’ on iTunes and then do another four. I said back then that if we can’t do an album properly then there’s no point in doing it. Fortunately, at the end of last year we got the opportunity to get a deal with Cleopatra. Essentially, they wanted to completely take over the band. Brian (owner of Cleopatra) wanted to manage us. He’s totally committed to the band and this new record. We have a publicist and we’ve already made three videos. This is totally the way to do it. This is the way we used to do it. I’m real happy about that.”

BW: Will the Hollywood Forever tour be part of a package or are you going out on your own?

PL: “They were talking about putting us on the Poison/Def Leppard package, but I really don’t want to do it. I’m not a fan of arena rock and I’d much rather be playing on our shows. We’ll play much longer sets with lots of stuff from the new record.”

BW: But on the Leppard tour, you could have Phil Collen come out a jam on some GIRL songs with you…

PL: “Perhaps, if we were allowed on stage for more than fourteen minutes. We’d play to a mostly empty house to people who know ‘Ballad Of Jayne’ and perhaps ‘Sex Action’. They couldn’t give a fiddle’s fuck about a new L.A. Guns record, so it’s much much better that we do it ourselves. It’ll be more gruelling, but we’ve still got a few more good years in us yet.”

Later after, some banter on Metal Sludge, Phil made the following post:

“I don’t like Arena rock Motley crue with exploding drum sets and migets bore me to death, Poison and Bret’s muscle dance is an embaresment, Deff L going through the motions and mailing it in every night is pathetic. Most off all I don’t like the knuckle heads that go to these ‘Concerts’ Motley Crue dude!!! Thats fine, the fans don’t give a fuck about the music they wanna get drunk and hear the hits and the bands don’t care they just want the outrageous easy money there used to getting and get the hell outa dodge ASAP, When was the last time any of those bands did a free after show meet and greet???

My feelings for music and the people that come and see us are a lot mone sincere and I’m prepared to continue to take the harder path and not play a five song set while people are stumbling into the areana screaming for the ballad of Jayne. I think Lita Ford was a good choice and I wish her and all the bands well, I’m delighted we are not doing it but keeping very busy doing our own shows for the rest of the year.

Phil Lewis

This tweet followed:
Jeff Lantry ‏@BoomSlide @NikkiSixx   Phil Lewis talking smack about Motley, must have a new album to promote LOL! #jealousmuch? … &Itemid=42
Nikki Sixx ‏@NikkiSixx
@BoomSlide   ah, he’s a sad lil pumpkin…

Phil Lewis then fired back at Sixx with this:

Nikki Sixx’s Heroin Diaries read: ‘LSD. They all have. Lead Singer Disease.’ Would you say it’s true? Does a singer need that big an ego?

I say Nikki Sixx and his Heroin Diaries are a total fraud, Anyone that was ever addicted to Smack or any opiates knows not to glorify addiction its incredibly irresponsible. It’s total crap as well, Nikki may have dabbled a little but him and most of the dinosaur rockstars of that era were doing tons of blow or cocaine. There was very little heroin in LA in the 80s compared to London. Sixx was a teenage millionaire with a very thin grasp on reality. I don’t give a fuck what he thinks about me or any singers.

And I do know excatly what I’m talking about what cities had the most drugs coz I did lots in both. But I don’t glorify it or complain I was sucked into coz of an unhappy childhood. Teaching people that heroin is cool is reprehensible especially if its a work of fiction.

Oh and if I ever needed another reason to dislike Sixx his version of “Anarchy in the UK” is a good start.

Phil Lewis / LA Guns

Phil is a on and off again regular in the forums under the name Al Snug. Don’t get it? Spell it backwards. Will Nikki respond! If he does, we’ll let you know what he says. Doesn’t look like L.A. Guns will be touring with Motley Crue any time soon, if ever.