Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe will stand trial on charges he caused the death of a fan at a Prague concert two years ago on February 4th. hass reported that the court, which had three months to set a trial date, has deemed there was enough evidence to proceed with the case after the Czech State Attorney officially filed manslaughter charges against the 41-year-old on December 3rd.

“We have issued Randy Blythe with a court summons, and he is obliged to attend the hearing in person,” said court spokeswoman Martina Lhotáková. “The trial will determine the culpability of Blythe, and his potential punishment.”

Blythe is accused of pushing a 19-year-old fan off the stage during a concert in May of 2010. That fan subsequently died from head injuries a month later. Blythe spent five weeks in custody this summer before his 8 million Kc ($394,000/312,000 euros) release on bail, could face up to ten years in prison if found guilty.

After the prosecutor’s decision on Dec. 3rd, Lamb of God manager, Larry Mazer, said the band would “fight vigorously” against the accusation.

“While it is a tragedy that a Lamb of God fan died following a performance by the group, in no way do I feel that Randy did anything improper that led to the young man’s injuries and subsequent death. We have testimony from the venue operator that acknowledges lax security and an improper barricade being used that evening. Numerous testimonies from fans also were contradictory as to the actions of the multiple fans that tried to access the stage.”

In some sad news, after the tragedy at the Connecticut elementary school on Friday morning (Dec. 14), Blythe called for 60 seconds of silence to honor the victims during the Lamb Of God concert that night in Medford, Oregon. Apparently, several people reportedly failed to comply, which prompting Blythe to post the following on his Instagram account:

“I have never been more disgusted with an audience in my life. I wish we hadn’t played. We, LAMB OF GOD, asked for sixty seconds of silence during our first set break to honor the dead children and teachers in Connecticut. It seemed appropriate —it’s a goddamned national TRAGEDY. Most of the crowd complied, but several didn’t, some cursing and even laughing. I wanted to walk off stage. I am so disgusted right now.

“If you were one of those who wouldn’t shut up for SIXTY LOUSY SECONDS to honor twenty MURDERED CHILDREN, go look in the mirror. You are looking at a piece of shit. Your parents are obviously pieces of shit too, because they raised you to behave with no dignity. To the fans who were respectful, I thank you. I am also sorry you have so many goddamned assholes in your community. You should do something about that.

“This shit would not have happened at a LAMB OF GOD show where I live, and that is a FACT. We have more manners. I am just disgusted. Thoroughly DIGUSTED. You yelling people give metal a band name. Screw that, you give humanity a bad name. Grow up. Your parents should have beaten some manners into you, you savage little beasts.

“With that, I will go to bed, say a prayer for those suffering, and hope for a better day tomorrow, because tonight SUCKED.”

C’mon fans, get your shit together!