That’s not the kind of headline you want right now. Las Vegas police are recommending a charge of battery domestic violence to the district attorney’s office after the March 24th incident when Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil allegedly poked ex-girlfriend and entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs in the right shoulder leaving a bruise, a police spokesman said.

Listen, I love Motley Crue, grew up listening to their music and will always support the band. But Vince, it’s time to just shut up and walk away from all this. I know Tommy Lee has had his incidents in the past, but even he must think you’re looking like an idiot on this one. Nikki Sixx probably won’t even make a comment on this, because he must be pissed that this is happening shortly before the big summer Motley/Poison/New York Dolls tour. Vince is really looking like a big wussy in this one.

The incident happened at a show from comedian Hal Sparks at the Las Vegas Hilton last Thursday where Jacobs was with several friends. Alicia Jacobs filed a battery report against him, claiming the ex-rocker went ballistic on her and a friend while they were watching the show…and bruised up her shoulder. Apparently many people witnessed Neils obscenity laced tirade on Jacobs and the poking. A photo of her bruise was posted on Prosecutors will next review the case and determine what, if any, charges will be pursued.

But Neil is adamant he never laid a finger on Alicia — claiming SHE was the aggressor… digging her nails into his skin and inflicting the bloody wounds in the picture. Neil apparently is considering pressing charges of his own. Sources close to Jacobs tell TMZ she is not pleased that Neil has been telling people she was the one who got physical and not him. We’re told Jacobs plans on hiring an attorney of her own throughout the criminal process and she hopes to subpoena the surveillance footage because she feels it backs up her story.

Here’s the photo of Vince: