Led Zeppelin II died on Friday (May 25) and his death notice said it perfectly: Led Zeppelin II has climbed the ‘Stairway to Heaven.” The Led Zeppelin II in question was a 65-year-old former Chicagoan who used to be known as George Blackburn. Mr. Zeppelin changed his name in 2010 to Led Zeppelin II to honor the rock gods he had worshipped since he was a young headbanger.

He collapsed because of a heart ailment Friday at an auto parts store in Downstate Bethalto. He was wearing one of his many Led Zeppelin T-shirts. Fittingly, a Led Zeppelin song was on the radio, according to Claude Walker, an owner of the Part Stop.

“It was like they were welcoming him home,” said his ex-wife and friend Cheryl Blackburn.

Mr. Zeppelin — who went by “Led,” “Zep” or “LZ’’ but would also answer to George — felt there was nothing life threw at you that a little Led Zeppelin couldn’t make better, said his daughter, who is not named Led Zeppelin III. She is Mindy Baker.

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