With the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction coming up on April 14th and Motorhead being one of the many worthy influential bands to not ever be considered for induction, Lemmy Kilmister told Artisan News in the report below that he is furious at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame organizers, but it’s not just because the Hall has virtually ignored them.

“They lost my ‘Ace Of Spades’ tour jacket,” Lemmy said. “They had this heavy metal presentation thing and they said, could they borrow a pair of boots and a bass and my ‘Ace Of Spades’ tour jacket, so I lent it to them, and they said they lost it. A likely story. Look me in the eye and tell me again. One of their girlfriends is wearing it, no doubt.”

When asked what his reaction would be if Motorhead was honored by the Hall at some point, Lemmy replied, “What honor? They owe me a jacket before I’ll even speak to them.”