Lita Ford’s new album ‘Living Like a Runaway’ will be hitting stores on June 19th. Some of the songs on the album have been influenced by personal issues she’s been dealing with, including dealing with a nasty divorce.

Lita claims on a new song that her ex-husband has “brainwashed” their children and kept her from seeing them. Recently speaking to Decibel magazine, Ford explained, “My kids (sons James and Rocco) are with their dad (Jim Gillette, former frontman of the band Nitro). There was a huge divorce that went down. Basically, he brainwashed them and took them from me — not legally, (but by saying), “Oh, you don’t want to go with Mommy, Mommy’s bad. Don’t go with Mommy.”

Ford has fired back with the plain-spoken and vengeful song ‘Mother,’ where she talks directly to her children: “He paints an ugly picture of you and I / So far from truth / It’s so hard to see / The only way to hurt me was through my love for you / I am your mother / Please understand why I have to leave / The pain was deep / He was hurting me.”

Unfortunately, the guitarist isn’t sure her children will get to hear the track anytime soon: “He won’t let them hear it. He won’t let them have anything to do with me. He won’t let them look at any photographs. I’m wondering if they even have a computer… I miss them, I love them. They’re my life.” Wow, that is sad. I hope Lita can reconnect with them soon, and I really don’t understand why she doesn’t have at least visitation. Read the entire interview here:

Lita’s eighth solo album, titled ‘Living Like a Runaway’ finds Ford writing and producing with guitarist Gary Hoey. In the press release announcing the album, she called the experience “truly a dream come true,” adding, “We have dumped out hearts and souls into this amazing CD. Along with a lot of tears, pain, heartache, laughter, ripping out hair, going hungry, losing sleep and a lot of frequent flyer miles. ‘Living Like a Runaway’ is like being able to walk through fire and coming out the other side unscathed.”

‘Living Like a Runaway’ will be released in a variety of different configurations, including gatefold vinyl and limited edition Digipak. Look for Lita on tour all summer with Def Leppard and Poison.

Listen to another track from the album called ‘Branded’