Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 was interviewed on AOL’s, talking about how in a past episode of his FUSE TV talk show, “Hoppus On Music”. Ozzy Osbourne said “Who the F**k is Justin Bieber”, on an episode of Mark’s show, which ultimately was somewhat of an inspiration for the Super Bowl Best Buy ad.

Blink 182 have nearly completed a new album tentatively due to be released this summer with a U.S. tour to follow. Check out the latest episode of “Hoppus On Music” which aired last night and will re-air this Sunday night on FUSE. The show features The Damned Things playing live and an interview with Buckcherry.

Here’s Mark on the breakup of his friend Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson:

Here’s The Damned Things live from this weeks “Hoppus On Music”:

Here’s Buckcherry with Mark playing “Show us your tats”:

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