Metallica’s James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett are interviewed on this week’s edition of “In The Studio”. They discuss the 20th anniversary of their landmark self-titled album, the “Black Album” with longtime host Redbeard.

“In The Studio” is a weekly hour-long interview-with-music “rockumentary” which looks at the making of many of the greatest albums recorded in rock and roll history, although sometimes it spotlights the history of rock and roll bands. Redbeard interviews the musicians who created these classic albums.

Metallica ‘s self-titled fifth album came out 20 years ago on August 12. The record elevated the band into superstars after being cult metal heroes for the first eight years of their career, even as it found the band slowing down and abandoning its thrash metal beginnings for a more mainstream, yet still heavy, style.

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The Metallica/Lou Reed project “Lulu” (out Nov. 1) have leaked some of the songtitles set to appear on the upcoming album:

-Junior Dad
-Little Dog
-Mistress Dread
-Pumping Blood

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