Here’s more ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Shout Outs’ from the best Heavy Metal Shout Out band ever Steel Panther, along with a picture of somebody that had the balls(out) to get a Stix Zadinia tattoo. Check it all out below.

The first Shout Out from Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxxx and Stix Zadinia goes out to Nick Bowlan, who loves fat chicks. Visit or tweet @RockOfAgesMovie with #RockofAges in your message to get a personalized Rock ‘N’ Roll Shout Out from Steel Panther to share with your friends. See “Rock of Ages” in theaters June 15.

Here’s the photo of the epic Stix Zadinia tattoo. Stix is quite proud today and is looking for this chick…uh..hope it’s a chick.