Motley Crue was joined on stage last night (Tuesday, June 14) at the Hollywood Bowl by Cee Lo Green to perform his hit song “Forget You” (a.k.a. “F— You”) as part of a mash-up with the Crue’s “Don’t Go Away”.

Cee Lo Green (who is currently a mentor on NBC’s “The Voice”) also lead a chant of “Crüe! Crüe! Crüe!”. Nikki Sixx posted a photo of himself and Green on Twitter after the concert, writing “Mr. Cee Lo Green came onstage with us tonight at The Hollywood Bowl for a mash-up of ‘Don’t Go Away-Forget You’.”

Green said on his own Twitter profile, “NIKKI thanks so much [for] letting me rock with the Crue!!!! A fan for life bro.”