Shortly after wrapping up their 12 gig stint in Las Vegas residency at the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Motley Crue have entered Tommy Lee’s Atrium studio to work on their first new recording since 2008’s ‘Saints Of Los Angeles.’

Nikki Sixx said, “Writing lyrics right now for new Motley Crue. Got a nasty little song that we’re thinking would be perfect to rev up your engines for summer. We are cutting drums, bass and guitars this weekend at Tommy’s studio. This one is a panty dropper for sure… I was just thinking, I’ve been writing music for most of my life and it still feels fresh every time I pick up the pen, guitar or bass.”

Nikki Sixx will also be making his acting debut in the movie ‘Shooter,’ a film that explores the fine line between being human and fulfilling your objectives, in which the bassist will play the role of the adulterous scoundrel.

Tommy Lee has agreed to pay a former assistant $400,000 and issue a public apology to settle a dispute over unpaid wages.

The former assistant, Michael Sullivan filed legal action against the Motley Crue star last December, claiming he was regularly asked to be “on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week” during his six-year employment with Lee, but did not receive full payment for the extra hours worked.

Sullivan, was terminated in March, 2011, and initially had asked for only $50,000 in damages for “lost profits and business opportunities”.

The settlement also saved potential embarrassment for Tommy as Tony had teamed up with the drummer’s ex-wife Pamela Anderson, who was prepared to swear under oath that she contracted hepatitis C through a tattoo needle she shared with Lee.