As Nikki Sixx continues to promote his new book, SIXX A.M. album and the upcoming Motley Crue/Poison/New York Dolls tour, he did an interview with Eric Spitznagel of as part of his “Awkward Question Time” which is posted every Thursday. Some great questions…check it out:

Nikki Sixx Vanity Fair Interview

At Bamboozle on May 1 Motley Crue revealed details about their summer tour. The unveiling included images and a description of their new set design, the set list decided by fans and a surprise announcement of Tommy Lee’s “360” drum rollercoaster.

“We’re looking forward to being together again and to a really special production. It will also be cool to sing some of these songs we haven’t performed together in almost 20 years,” said frontman Vince Neil. Voting took place for the setlist at and “Smokin’ In The Boys Room” as well as “Too Young To Fall In Love” will be among those songs chosen by the fans.

The band’s veteran production manager and set designer, Robert Long, presented graphic renderings of the new set design, which he described as “a hard-hitting CRÜE rendition of a rock ‘n’ roll burlesque theatre.” According to Long, the entire stage will be enveloped in red velvet drapery and a damask printed wall of guitar amps.

Drummer Tommy Lee shared that he will once again be thrill-seeking on the CRÜE’s new “360” drum rollercoaster. During his drum solo, Lee will be launched into multiple loops while continuing to perform.