The Great Frog launched two new Motörhead-inspired rings last December in all three of their stores, including London, New York and Los Angeles now have released a ‘making of’ promo video.

The Motörhead Warpig ring is priced at £220.00/$360, while the Motörhead Ace of Spades ring is selling for £180.00/$295.

The Great Frog said in a statement: “We made Lemmy’s original Warpig ring back in the day, around 25 years ago and we still sell it but we never had an official licensing agreement, just a handshake from the man himself. Then recently we were approached by their product Licensing Company to make it official, they liked what we were do and they wanted the opportunity to collaborate to offer the fans high end jewelery associated with the band.

Lemmy hasn’t designed the rings but he has had full and final approval of both the rings. Each ring is hand-made, sterling silver and will have have its own personal Limited Edition Number engraved in the back, with the first five going to the band and management.”