Ridley Scott’s fan-generated Bruce Springsteen film will be showed in a theatrical event on July 22. Directed by music video director Baillie Walsh, “Springsteen & I” will be shown in theaters on July 22 around the globe.

“This beautifully crafted film allows us a unique and powerful insight into the relationship between a recording artist and the impact he has on those who connect so profoundly with his music,” Scott writes on the film’s website. “Springsteen & I” is made up of films contributed by the fans and includes Springsteen’s music and performances. Springsteen, his management and label, Columbia Records, have supported the project.

When the film was announced in November the production team said they intended to follow the same path they did with “Life in a Day,” which comprised footage shot on July 24, 2010, from around the world.

The initial request was for footage of personal insights and reflections on how Springsteen and his music has affected lives. Find a theater near you here: www.springsteenandi.com

Bruce Springsteen Springsteen & I

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