A new Funny or Die video parodies the glut of music reality shows with a new take in ‘U B Da Judge.’ The video has celebrities vying for their chance to sit in the judging chair on this new reality competition, as the judges are the stars of the show, not the contestants. That’s the way it is already, right? Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addistion, Serj Tankian of System of a Down and Meatloaf are some of the competitors, along with rapper Warren G, YouTube sensation Rebecca Black and ’80s pop star Debbie Gibson.

Perry Farrell’s says during his audition: “You always need the rocker. I don’t see why I couldn’t do what Steven Tyler‘s doing.” He then breaks into a little scat impression before shouting ‘I like it!” Meat Loaf gets the dramatic chair turn down for his audition ala ‘The Voice,’ and Serj Tankian pontificates on the judging process in general, dropping liberal profanity in the bonus.

One of the judges judging is British magistrate the Honorable Heathcliff Rogerwaters. I guess he is the Simon Cowell of the panel. “John Secada?..more like John Suckada.” Judge Dredd even fills the Ryan Seacrest hosting slot. Check out the hilarious video.