Here’s the press release from announcing his involvement in the Fantasy Meets Fantasy Camp:

WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE: This Fantasy Meets Fantasy 14th Anniversary Camp, November 10th-13th featuring the Final Night Concert at the world famous Playboy Mansion where you will perform live on stage with Paul Stanley of KISS. This four-day camp or five-day recording experience in Hollywood, California features our best counselors, the option of a full day of recording and the final concert to be performed in front of a sold-out audience at the famous Playboy Mansion. I am personally inviting you to reconnect with your band, come as a group or treat yourself to this upcoming opportunity. With Father’s Day and Graduation arriving in a few short weeks, Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp is the ultimate gift for your Grad, Dad or Other Half!

“It’s a great thing, it’s a way for me to say thank you to a lot of people, but, nobody should think that this is just a joy for those people,…For me to get up and play with people who have that exuberance and energy, it’s really a gift to me as much as to anybody else,” said Paul Stanley, the co-founder and frontman of KISS

Sign up for Father’s Day before June 19th and take advantage of our early bird specials. Bands of four or more, enjoy an additional 10% discount on top of your pre-sale price (group must sign-up at the same time). Additional Individual tickets for the final night can be purchased so that you can bring your friends to join this party or just come that night to get a taste of what Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp is all about. Tickets are limited and on sale now for $999 each. The evening features: Playmate Guided Tours of the Grounds, Personal Photos with Playmates, All-Night Long (top shelf) Open Bar, an Elegantly Catered Buffet Style Dinner, Swimming in the Grotto and the option of Renting Private Cabanas. This is a great night to bring your spouses and partners to celebrate the expereince of a lifetime. REGISTER NOW!

History of the Playboy Mansion:

The Playboy Mansion (also known as the Playboy Mansion West), is in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles, California and is the home of Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner. This 21,987 square-foot “Gothic-Tudor” style house was originally purchased in 1971 for $1.1 million dollars and in early 2011, was valued at $54 million dollars. The mansion has 29 rooms including a wine cellar, a game room, a zoo and aviary (and related pet cemetery), tennis courts, a waterfall and a swimming pool area (including a patio and barbecue area, a grotto, a sauna and a bathhouse).Working Playmates live across the street in the “Playmate House” which is styled like a sorority house with many bedrooms for both working Playmates and girls who are in LA to test for Playmate to stay.

Reserve your spots NOW!

Call Beth Porter
888.762.2263 x 1
[email protected]

Marc McLaughlin of The Sacramento Press conducted an interview with KISS drummer Eric Singer before their benefit concert for Walk N’ Rock for Kids at Raley Field in Sacramento on May 29th.

Marc McLaughlin: How does it feel to be doing a charity event for children (Walk ‘N Rock for Kids)?

Eric Singer: It’s cool. I mean, everyone has to make a living, but when you can do what you love to do, make a living at it and also help people, it feels wonderful. I can do things that help people and I think that is really important. Then, when you add that it is for kids, it makes it even better. As you know, KISS does a lot of work with wounded soldiers and it is amazing being able to help them whenever we can.

MM: How does it feel to be a part of such an iconic band?

ES: Although I am not an original member, it really is an amazing feeling. This is a band that people recognize whether they know the music or not. The band is known world-wide; when we travel to Europe, it is just amazing how many people come out to see us. Being with people like Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, two original members, [makes you] realize that this band transcends generations and really touches people. Well, ultimately, your audience is what helps put you in a positive position. Without a fan base, you have nothing; however, you have to keep yourself there by delivering the music, the shows and the performances. I always tell people, “You vote through participation in life.”

If someone decides they don’t like the product, service or the way they are treated, they will stop buying the product. Eventually, the company would have to redesign it or come up with a new product to keep their audience. This is true of anything, so your actions and your work need to be on target to keep you in business.

MM: Speaking of that, how does it feel now that the band is experiencing another reemergence in the music industry?

ES: Every band goes through their up and downs and their support comes in waves, so it is normal for us. It is nice though, seeing people still want to be around us and coming out to see this iconic band. Whenever you have people who support what you do, it feels good and we are just so supportive of that. Without our fans we would not be here, and knowing they support us is the ultimate compliment.

MM: KISS is known for their makeup most of all. How is it sitting there and actually having it applied – does it become a role you slip into or is it just one more thing that must be done?

ES: Yes, the makeup is something we are known more for than anything else. Some know the “monster” while others know the “star.” It is all a part of who we are. Because of that, the process is something that can not be explained. It takes a couple of hours to get ready and the makeup is a closely guarded secret. When I first started doing it, it felt strange to take on a role like that; becoming something so known, so iconic. Even after all this time, it is still the same. You become part of the character and you use that to entertain the fans.

Even with these interviews it is part of what we do. For this we flew in early so we could spend some time with the press. You know, Gene and Paul have been doing this since the beginning and they still go the extra mile and speak to people when asked. It is a part of what makes the band who they are. The work ethic is very high and an important part of what we do. Everyone does their part to keep things moving forward. Many bands of lesser levels do not put the time in and that is part of the reason why our fan base is as deep and supportive as it is.

MM: If there was one thing you would like to say to your fan base today, what would that be?

ES: I guess just keep doing what you are doing. It is a give and take, a mutual participation thing. One thing I learned in life is that you can’t make everyone happy. You appeal to the majority by trying to find the ground that works for most. We thank the fans who come out and support us and continue to believe in this iconic band. Whether they have followed us for a day or 35 years, they are the reason we do what we do.

MM: Thank you for your time today and for supporting Walk ‘N Rock.

ES: Thank you and hopefully this will help the children of the community. We appreciate your time, and enjoy the concert.

Regretfully, the time came for Paul Stanley to attempt to say goodnight to the fans, who were simply not ready to let go. They chanted for an encore, and suddenly, KISS was back on stage to thrill the audience with “Black Diamond,” “Shout It Out Loud” and “Detroit Rock City.” Finally, an unbelievable night of charity for Hope Foundation finished with “Rock and Roll All Night.”

Here’s a Sacramento news report about the concert: