“Pearl Jam 20”, a book that looks back on the band’s two decades of existence will be available September 13, and will coincide with the release of the Cameron Crowe-directed documentary of the same name.

Put together by editors/authors Jonathan Cohen and Mark Wilkinson, the book is being called an “aesthetically stunning, definitive chronicle of the band’s past two decades.” It will include interviews with many of Pearl Jam’s friends and collaborators, such as Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl and Neil Young. Crowe wrote the foreword and selected songs for a companion album. Earlier this year, Crowe said that Pearl Jam 20 will include, “the best souvenirs of the past, some fabled footage you’ve heard exists but have never seen, and some interviews.”

–Major League Baseball’s Seattle Mariners relkeased a bobblehead of Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready at last nights (June 3) game with the Tampa Bay Rays. The Mariners beat the Rays 7-0, so it was a rocking night in Seattle!