Puddle of Mudd have announced that their next album will be a collection of cover songs from many of their favorite artists.  Everyone from AC/DC,  Steve Miller Band to Elton John and Led Zeppelin.

The set, titled re:(disc)overed, will drop August 2. The collection is the follow-up to 2009’s Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love & Hate. While the band set out to record an album of new material, the toll of the road pushed them to do a covers collection instead. “Since we started we’ve been non-stop – make a record, go on tour, then right into rehearsals and the next record, then back on tour…,” guitarist Paul Phillip told Billboard.com. “We were really burned out, and when we started trying to write again it just wasn’t time yet. And we had been doing (AC/DC’s) ‘TNT’ and (the Steve Miller Band’s) ‘The Joker’ and had so much fun with those that one thing led to another and we decided to make a covers record. It was just something fun to do, and we had a blast.” The album also includes renditions of Free’s “All Right Now,” Bad Company’s “Shooting Star,” Neil Young’s “Old Man,” Led Zeppelin’s “D’yer M’ker” and Elton John’s “Rocket Man.”

The album packs 15 songs, 11 of which Puddle of Mudd recorded with producer Bill Appleberry earlier this year at Los Angeles’ Bomb Shelter, a recording space owned by Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz. The first single, The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter,” is scheduled to hit radio in mid-June.