The 25 finalists have been chosen for The Queen Extravaganza. The hopefuls have been flown to Los Angeles to meet Roger Taylor and perform their final audition live at Foo Fighters’ Studio 606 West.

Video, audio and photo updates of the auditions and interviews with Taylor and the finalists will be posted daily through the audition process on

“I look forward to the final auditions with these 25 young musicians,” said Taylor. “It’s going to be a long and difficult day, but the end of the first stage of the long and exciting road to the opening of The Queen Extravaganza.”

Launching in 2012, “The Queen Extravaganza Tour” will feature three vocalists and a five-piece band and will be booked by powerhouse agency CAA. Taylor is fully hands-on, taking the role of producer and music director.

The 25 finalist are as follows:

Selcuk Sami Cingi
Cody Bond
David Martel
Tyler Martin
Sean Slaughter
Marc Martel
Michelle Jameson
Jennifer Espinoza
Aisha Elmehdaoui

Roy Ziv
Tristan Avakian
Richie Castellano
Brian Gresh
John Notto
Steve Zukowsky
Jason Du Preez

Nico Saavedra
Tyler Warren
Billy Orrico
Zach Mullings

Francois Olivier Doyon
Brian Weaver
Juano Davison

Brandon Ethridge
Mac Willaert

Here’s the first instalment of the Queen Extravaganza final auditions from Los Angeles, introducing the judges and the contestants with some interviews with the hopefuls straight after their performance.

The first band up in the day included David Martel and Aisha Elmehdaoui on vocals, backed by guitarists Richie Castellano and Jason Du Preez, a rhythm section of drummer Billy Orrico and bassist Juano Davison with Brandon Ethridge on keys. Here they perform ‘One Vision’ and ‘Somebody To Love’.