Queensyche have scheduled their twelfth studio album for a late spring release via Loud & Proud Records. The follow up to 2009’s “American Soldier”, is said to be a concept album of sorts, with a contemporary feel. Geoff Tate told Eddie Trunk on his syndicated radio show; “What we’re doing with this record is we’re taking the ‘Empire’ song structure, in a sense, where it’s very strong songs, very melodic, but we kind of restructured the rhythm section, and Scott’s (Rockenfield) done an amazing job on restructuring that — him and Eddie (Jackson) have just really gone to town, and they’ve made it very contemporary-sounding. These days, in comparison to the old days, people used to sit in their houses and listen to music right in the front room on their stereo system. People don’t do that anymore. They plug in and they’re mobile and they’re moving and they’re doing stuff and the music, they’re listening to it as they’re doing stuff. This music has that feel. It’s very contemporary in the sense that it’s very rhythmatic. The rhythm structure kind of reflects the way modern life is — we’re all busy, we’re all doing stuff. And Scott being the incredible drummer that he is, the various time signatures, the feel of the record, it’s now — it’s very, very now.”

photos from Andy Blatt

Geoff Tate of Queensryche stars in the new psychological thriller “The Burningmoore Incident”, which focuses on the murderous rampage that took place in March 2010 in Bayside, Queens, as the construction team of Cole Contracting was being video taped by multiple cameras on the first day of what was to be a home makeover reality show. By sundown the house was a bloody scene of carnage. Geoff’s role is of the film’s unstoppable killing machine. Geoff also contributed an exclusive new track to the film. He made his feature-film debut in the supernatural thriller “House Of Eternity” from Fires At Midnight Films. Also appearing in the film was Candice Night (Richie’s wife) of Blackmore’s Night.