Ratt is continuing to write songs for their new studio record, the follow-up to their 2010 comeback album ‘Infestation’, and also plan on releasing a compilation collection through iTunes. Stephen Pearcy explained, “While Ratt writes and works on the next RoadRunner record 2012, the band will be releasing a compilation record on their own via iTunes. Music from their vaults — un-released and live tracks from 1983-1991.”

Pearcy and guitarist Warren DeMartini have been demoing songs for the currently untitled album and recently worked with the Foo Fighters Dave Grohl recording and filming for his Sound City Studios documentary. Ratt n’ Grohl!

Vocalist Stephen Pearcy has recently locked in a publisher for the new book (no title yet), which should be finished later this year for an early 2013 release. You can also for Pearcy on a new episode of VH1 Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp, filming in February 2012.

One another Ratt question comes to mind, is it time for original bassist Juan Crocier to rejoin Ratt? It could be possible as Robbie Crane has officially quit the band, who he’s played with since 1997. Crane said during an appearance Mar. 22nd on the “Headbangers At 11” show on 93.3 KDKB radio, “I’ve been playing in Lynch Mob since October of 2010. It’s a thing that I’ve always loved doing, and I love playing with the band. As of recently, I’ve moved on from Ratt — I definitely quit Ratt —and I let them all know that. But you know what?! It’s not because of Lynch Mob. I’d been with Ratt for 15 years and it was time to move on. I love being in Lynch Mob and this is where my heart’s at.”

Time to get the all the original guys back together, except of course for the late guitarist Robbin Crosby, may he rest in peace.