Imagine….what might be different if John Lennon was still alive. Imagine….what social and musical contributions he would have continued to make. Imagine….we probably would have gotten the Beatles reunion before George passed. Just Imagine….

One thing that is hard to imagine is life without John and the Beatles music in our lives. Today is the 31st anniversary of the death of one of the greatest men in musical history. Musician, singer, songwriter, author, artist and activist John Lennnon was shot and killed on this day (Dec. 8) in 1980 by Mark David Chapman outside of the Dakota Building in New York City. John’s widow Yoko Ono yesterday insisted that the star’s spirit still soars – 31 years after his tragic death.

On this anniversary of John’s death, Yoko Ono said he would have supported the anti-capitalist “Occupy” protests. “John was about making the world a better place,” she said. “He sang Gimme Some Truth so, when I see all the activism today, I feel we will turn the corner soon.”

Yoko believes John, who would have turned 71 this year, is still campaigning in spirit. She said: “Now that John’s a spirit, he has a different effect on people. Spirits talk on a pure level and don’t get distracted by people saying things like, ‘That’s nice, but why’s he wearing that?’ Of course, it would still be better if John was around.”

The star’s music will be performed again on Saturday at the 31st annual John Lennon memorial concert at Poisson Rouge nightclub in New York.

But the event prompts mixed emotions for Yoko, 78, as she admitted: “I don’t listen for pleasure, it chokes me up.”

The couple married in 1969 and spent their honeymoon in Amsterdam staging a week-long “bed-in” for peace, which they later repeated in Vancouver, Canada.

Here’s a great ITV1 documentary “The Day John Lennon Died”

In the early 1970′s, John & Yoko had moved to New York City, a place he very much loved. His outspoken opposition to the Vietnam war and the Nixon administration during this period, led Nixon to attempt to slience him, with constant surveillance by the FBI, ultimately leading to him facing deportation. John dropped out of music altogether when his son Sean was born in 1975, famously playing the role of house husband for five years until the spark to make music struck again in 1980. The resulting album, ‘Double Fantasy’, was released barely a month before he was killed.

Here’s some photos of John being remembered today around the world. The first is at Strawberry Fields at Central Park in New York City, the second is from Liverpool, and the third comes from Prague. We miss you John…..and wonder what the world would be like if you were still alive.  

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