Rock Candy Records is a record label that specializes in re-issues of some really great CD’s from back in the day.
Some of the bands and artists on Rock Candy Records include: Armored Saint, Autograph, Badlands, Baby’s, Billy Squier, Cats In Boots, Coney Hatch, Enuff Z’Nuff, The Godz, Heaven’s Edge, Helix, Icon, John Waite, Lita Ford, Little Caesar, Molly Hatchet, Montrose, Mother’s Finest, Quiet Riot, Raging Slab, Riot, Sammy Hagar, Sea Hags, Survivor, Ted Nugent, Zodiac Mindwarp and others.

These new releases are available immediately from the Rock Candy website for a discounted price of $11.99 each ending December 1st:

Burning Tree ‘S/T’ CANDY086 / Although Los Angeles was at the epicentre of the ‘big hair’ hard rock explosion during the 1980s, it was also a place where other, less flamboyant, musical renegades were carving out a niche for themselves. Groups such as Jane’s Addiction and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers may have been ploughing a thoroughly modern path but deeper in the undergrowth lurked a retro centric three piece power trio by the name of Burning Tree. Taking their cue from late sixties Blues boomers such as Cream, Mountain and the Jimi Hendrix Experience they cooked up a musical soup by showboating a number of golden elements, including hard rock, psych, soul and blues.
The power trio approach was, for the era, something of an exception, and focused the spotlight not on outrageous antics but squarely on the music. Marc Ford’s guitar work was pivotal to the band’s sound; a sinewy stylist with a carefully executed sound that placed the emphasis not on how many notes he could squeeze into each track but more on how much space he could leave for the song to breathe. No wonder the Black Crowes snapped him up immediately after Burning Tree’s demise. Despite valiant efforts to the contrary, Burning Tree’s expansive sound failed to connect with a mass audience, leaving the band with little choice but to splinter and eventually disband. Retro for sure, but in a strange way there’s was also the sound of uncompromising futuristic blues.
Track Listing: 1. Burning Tree 2. Wigs, Blues And High Heeled Shoes 3. Fly On 4. Mistreated Lover 5. Masquerade 6. Playing In The Wind 7. Last Laugh 8. Crush 9. Same Old Story 10. Baker’s Song 11. Baby Blue 12. Turtle BONUS TRACKS: 13. Burning Tree (Live) 14. Fly On (Live) 15. Mistreated Lover (Live) 16. Same Old Story (Live).

Circus Of Power ‘Vices’ CANDY085 / General consensus would have us believe that the epicentre of mid to late eighties rock ‘n roll happened to be the sunshine state of California; Los Angeles in particular. With the likes of Mötley Crüe, Quiet Riot and Guns ‘N Roses breaking all the house rules and assaulting the charts in spectacular fashion it would be easy forget that other great rock ‘n roll outpost, the sleaze capitol of the East Coast, New York City.
Whilst Los Angeles rockers cultivated spandex, glam and big – make that HUGE – hair, New York fostered a far grittier aesthetic; one that would promote the hard working, hard living ethos of an inner city blighted by low rent housing, unemployment and forgotten neighbourhoods. The perfect backdrop, in fact, for the low-down high volume rock ‘n roll of no-frills minimalists such as the Ramones, Raging Slab, Smashed Gladys, Blitzspeer and… Circus Of Power.
COP, as they were commonly known amongst friends and fans, lived life on the edge; a trail blazing super nova of sight and sound, whipping up a storm around a town that liked to party hard ’till the small hours. Spotted by esteemed NYC-based producer Daniel Rey, they were snapped up, together with Raging Slab, by the giant RCA label, creating one of the greatest debut hard rock albums of the dera. Raw, edgy and extremely dangerous, Circus Of Power’s debut album, originally released in 1989, is a seething guitar-fuelled temper tantrum that remains as powerful today as it was when first released.
Track Listing: 1. Gates Of Love 2. Desire/Fire In The Night 3. Two River Highway 4. Vices 5. Don’t Drag Me Down 6. Last Call Rosie 7. Doctor Potion 8. Los Angeles 9. Got Hard… 10. Temptation 11. Junkie Girl 12. Simple Man/Simple Woman BONUS TRACKS: 13. Gates Of Love (Live) 14. Call Of The Wild (Live) 15. Los Angeles (Live) 16. Vices (Live) 17. How Many More Times (Live).

These are both great CD’s. I remember playing both back in the day on my “Hot Metal Soup” radio show. Check them out!