Many rock artists have found revenue flow by licensing their songs for use in TV ad campaigns. Remeber when it used to be sacreligious to have your song used in a TV commercial? Well, it hasn’t been that way in quite some time, since it is a way to generate income in this day and age of decreased album sales. here’s a few of the latest:

Ozzy Osbourne’s classic song ‘Crazy Train’ is featured in the new commercial for the new eight-passenger Honda Pilot SUV. The ad depicts a family cruising along when one of the kids starts singing the opening bass riff, prompting his sister to belt out the famous “I, I, I” opening line.

The Cars‘ 1979 hit ‘Let’s Go’ provides the music for the new role-reversing Toyota Venza commercial. The commercial starts off with a recent college graduate, explaining how he had to move back in with his parents to keep an eye on them.
He lets it be know that basically he parents are out of touch and no longer connecting with anything outside their e. His parents are on their way to a party with friends singing along to ‘Candy-O.’ The Cars for a car is appropriate:

Here’s a new Volkswagen Passat commercial, featuring people of all walks of life messing up the lyrics of Elton John’s “Rocket Man”. This is pretyy funny:

Here’s the David Bowie themed BMW commerical that has been out awhile. “Changes” is featured in this ad: