A new documentary on the history of the Rolling Stones is slated to air on HBO in the fall. The band gave their full cooperation to the film, but an air date has yet to be announced.

Michael Lombardo, President of Programming at HBO, said in a statement” “This is all done as part of the band’s 50th anniversary. This documentary has the full involvement of the four current band members – Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ron – as well as the former band members Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor. We’ll follow the band from their early club days through their arrival as the greatest band in the world.”

‘The Kid Stays in the Picture’ (about Robert Evans) director Brett Morgan helmed the project. Morgan told Rolling Stone back in March: “Nobody has put the story together as a narrative. We’ve been looking under every rock, going through their archives. It will be music never heard before, and I’ve conducted 50-plus hours of interviews so far. By the time we’re done, they will be the most extensive group interviews they’ve ever done.”

Former Stones bassist Bill Wyman is part of the new documentary, but apparently won’t be part of an upcoming 50th anniversary tour. Wyman recently rehearsed with the band for the first time since he exited the group in the early ’90s, but told EADT Suffolk magazine in the U.K., “I don’t fly, so there’s no way I’ll go on any tour. I did meet up with them earlier this year for a couple of rehearsal sessions but that was all.”

Wyman was on hand for the opening of a London photo exhibit marking The Stones’ milestone anniversary on July 12th. He also performed alongside Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and ex-Stones member Mick Taylor at a June 30th concert held in conjunction with London’s Blues Fest. Hopefully Wyman will at least show up for a few gigs once the Stones book some dates.

Mick Jagger has said that the Stones will play live sometime “in the autumn,” but specualtion is that is may be multiple dates in some larger cities as opposed to a lengthly months-long tour.