Ex-Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor kicks off his six-night engagement at The Iridium Jazz Club in New York City tonight. It’s been years since Taylor played an extended gig with his own band in New York. He told the NY Daily News that he thinks the last time may date back to the final days of the defunct Bottom Line.

Taylor will front his latest group, which includes members of one of Jeff Beck’s ’70s bands, during his first five nights at the Iridium, while on Monday he’ll perform with the venue’s house band, The Les Paul Trio. Taylor replaced founding Stones member Brian Jones in 1969 and was in turn replaced by Ronnie Wood in 1975, will play two shows a night at the venue, at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Taylor will perform songs that touch on all of his influences, from blues-rock to Latin-jazz, as well as “melodic instrumentals.”

Look for Taylor on tonight’s ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ on NBC. He’ll sit in with The Roots during the show, which airs at 12:35 a.m. ET/11:35 p.m. PT

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts’ side project, The A, B, C & D of Boogie Woogie, will release a new album on June 26 via Eagle Rock Entertainment.

‘Live in Paris’ is a selection of original songs, cover tunes and improvisations that the bluesy quartet played in September 2010 at the French capital’s Blues des Lombards jazz club. The 14-track album includes renditions of two popular blues tunes previously recorded by The Rolling Stones, “(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66” and “Down the Road a Piece.”

Pianist Axel Zwingenberger, singer/pianist Ben Waters and bassist Dave Green join Watts on the album. Waters released the 2011 tribute album, ‘Boogie 4 Stu,’ which paid tribute to late Stones touring pianist and extended band member Ian Stewart.
Watts and the A, B, C & D of Boogie Woogie will join Mick Taylor as another Stones member to play New York City’s Iridium jazz club, as the band will appear in late June and early July.

‘Live in Paris’ track listing:
“Bonsoir Boogie!”
“Evolution Blues”
“(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66”
“Somebody Changed the Lock on My Door”
“Roll ‘Em Pete”
“Duc de Woogie Boogie”
“Street Market Drag”
“Struttin’ at Sebastopol”
“More Sympathy for the Drummer”
“Blues des Lombards”
“Down the Road a Piece”
“St Louis Blues”
“Low Down Dog”
“Encore Stomp”