Chickenfoot have been in the studio recording their next album with Mike Fraser, a Canadian producer, engineer, and mixer whose credits includes AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, and Joe Satriani.

Hagar told Noisecreep: “We’re doing a new album right now and it’s fantastic, Chickenfoot’s just such a great band. Chickenfoot is so much like when I joined Van Halen originally, the ‘5150’ years (1986). We do everything so fast.”

Just prior to leaving on his book tour to promote his new autobiography, ‘Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock,’ Hagar said that Fraser had been at his home studio in California all week to record his background vocals.

“I have a studio. When the Foot’s in there, I call it The Foot Locker; when my band’s in there, I call it Red Rocker Recording. It’s going great. We have 12 wonderful new songs and I’m doing vocals and Joe’s doing overdubs. We’ve got all the basic tracks.” Among the song titles are ‘No Change,’ ‘Who’s Next’ and ‘Astral Years,’ Hagar revealed. There’s also a track called ‘I Ain’t Got You, I Got The Two By Blues.’ “It’s not a comical record, but we’re having so much fun, it will make you laugh,” said Hagar. “That’s how much fun we have when we play.”

“Chickenfoot is the most musical band. If Joe says, ‘I got this idea,’ and he starts playing guitar, Chad starts playing drums, Mike starts on bass, and I start singing. Within two hours, we have a song. It’s not like we slave; it’s not like we argue. It’s so simple. There is no torture involved.” He says everyone is getting busy now, including Smith who is going out on tour with the Chili Peppers. “We’re going to try and get it out before the fall. We’re not looking to do a tour this summer or anything like that. We’re going to wait until the album comes out and see if Chad’s gonna be available.”

Canadian Music Week so-called “celebrity chat” at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this past afternoon (March 12), legendary rocker Sammy Hagar (Van Halen, Montrose, HSAS) revealed the title of the second Chickenfoot album.

Sammy told a capacity crowd in the Ballroom at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto: “We’ve got 11 songs written and recorded. I’ve done seven vocal tracks and it’s fantastic! Hopefully it’ll be out by the end of the year, but it’s hard to say when ‘cause we don’t have a record deal. We’re not looking for one. We had a one-off deal with Best Buy and Redline Records which was a fantastic thing, I gotta tell ya. There ain’t many record companies out there anymore and if there is, they don’t do much for you. They put the record out and if it sells, great. If it don’t, you’re fucked. It’s a strange world. The record industry’s pretty much in the toilet right now. We don’t care. We’re just finishing this record. Then we’ve got to make a record deal.”

“But we have the album cover done,” Hagar added. “We’ve already got a video – we shot everything in 3D, the album cover’s in 3D. It’s awesome. I’m going to get in trouble with my brothers in the ‘Foot for saying this, but I’m giving this out – our second record we’re calling Chickenfoot IV (Four). That’s how silly we are! It’s a working title but I guarantee it will stick. We just laughed, ‘What are we going to call the second record? Well, Chickenfoot II (Two).’ And we’re going, ‘We can’t call it Chickenfoot II, that’s too obvious.’ And pretty soon (drummer) Chad Smith, I’m sure was the guy, he’s going, ‘Let’s call it Chickenfoot IV.’ And we all cracked up and said, ‘Right on, that’s it.’ And we haven’t talked about it since. That’s what it’s going to be called. The dreaded second album – we’re going to avoid that.”

Canadian rock ‘n roll legends Bachman & Turner performed at the Sirius Secret Show during Canadian Music Week, this past Friday, March 11th at The Mod Club. They were joined on stage by Sammy for a few songs:

Sammy Hagar also appeared on Toronto’s classic-rock radio station Q107 on Friday afternoon (March 11) during drive-time host Kim Mitchell’s (ex-Max Webster) show for a chat and jam session.

Chickenfoot’s self-titled debut album, co-produced with Andy Johns (Joe Satriani, L.A. Guns, Van Halen), came out in 2009 and went gold in the U.S. and Canada.