TMZ has obtained surveillance footage of former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach getting pissed off, then in a altercation with a bar owner, and eventually being arrested in Canada early Monday morning.

The footage shows Bach smashing his wine glass on the ground as he walks towards the entrance of Riley’s Olde Towne Pub in Ontario, right after he was asked to leave. From there the bar owner follows and tries to restrain Bach. He resists and the two tussle a little. Later in the footage, it shows the officers who have arrived searching Bach. Nearly 2 grams of weed was found in his pocket. The bar owner claims to have been bitten by Bach during the altercation, but one of Bach’s friends who was with him is saying everything is being blown out of proportion.

Bach was eventually arrested for assault, possession of weed and mischief.

Here’s the TMZ footage:
TMZ Sebastian Bach

Here’s a CHEX Television news report: