Shinedown’s new album ‘Amaryllis’ was released on Tuesday (Mar. 27) and  vocalist Brent Smith sat down with to discuss some of the specifics pertaining to it.

Smith zeroed in on the song “Through the Ghost,” saying it’s about waking up in the morning and looking at yourself in the mirror and not recognizing the person you are starting at.

It’s like you lost yourself and the song tries to figure out a way to find yourself again. Check it out

Smith contends that despite the weighty subject matter, the song is not sad, even though it’s dramatic. The listener should feel some peace and like they’ve reached a reset point when the song ends; as in, he or she should want to listen to the album again.

Brent Smith, Zach Myers, Eric Bass and Barry Kersch of Shinedown kicked off their Avalance tour at the Grove in Anaheim, CA. on March 27th. Adelitas Way will open up all the dates of the tour, with New Medicine third of the bill for the first leg, with Art of Dying taking that slot halfway through the tour. I always find fantastic concert footage from miked665 on youtube of all the best Southern California hard rock shows. Check out his footage of Shinedown, with a couple of videos of Adelitas Way and New Medicine.  Go check out all his awesome performance video of Southern California rock at:
‘Sound Of Madness’

‘Diamond Eyes’ (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)


‘If You Only Knew’

‘Save Me’


‘Nowhere Kids’

‘The Crow & The Butterfly’






Simple Man

‘Second Chance’

‘Fly From The Inside’

Las Vegas rockers Adelitas Way kicking ass. These guys are for real!



New Medicine ‘Race You To The Bottom’