Steel Panther wrapped up their take over of Australia last week, with Soundwave 2012 shows as well as headlining gigs and opening for Alter Bridge. Besides getting laid and doing alot of drugs, the guys also took the time to make the press rounds. Here’s the last chats the band did before getting on the long flight home.

Steel Panther backstage at Soundwave 2012 in Perth with Paul from The Pit FM. Check out Satchel and Lexxi Foxxx talking thumbnail-sized purple zebras that speak English probably not existing, but the freshest Aussie vagina does! The interviewer seems entirely disinterested though, no matter what Satchel and Lexxi say.

Here’s Satchel and Lexxi Foxxx with Noise 11, using their best Aussie accent, talking giving the love to Tommy Lee’s girlfriend  and opening for Motley Crue, and the most liberal use of profanity you may ever see in an interview. Way to go guys!