Steven Tyler of Aerosmith sang the national anthem before today’s (Jan. 22) Baltimore Ravens/New England Patriots AFC title game and he apparently had a teleprompter to help him out with the lyrics, but honestly it was a weak rendition. At least his hometown (Boston) Patriots beat the Ravens 23-20.

Picture this the next time you have to sit through a long commercial break on American Idol: Steven Tyler, trying to keep up his energy at the judges’ table, will be mainlining chocolate — chowing down on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and York peppermint patties, kept ice cold just for him.

“They’ve gotta be frozen,” insists Tyler in true rock star fashion. Clean and sober since early 2010, Tyler, 63, says he can live without heroin, cocaine and prescription painkillers. But not without the cocoa bean, and definitely not without those peanut butter cups. “They’re the devil incarnate,” he says, laughing.

This lust for simple, classic candies explains the appeal of the rock star judge, an unmistakable sweetness wrapped around wicked excess.

When asked why, like any self-respecting sex god, he hasn’t put the moves on his fellow judge, Jennifer Lopez, he jokes, “I may this season, because don’t forget, she’s not with that guy anymore [husband Marc Anthony]. She’s single. So she’s been giving me a little more love.”

For the record, Tyler just got engaged in December to his long-time girlfriend, Erin Brady, 38. And he sounds incredibly happy. He knows he’s caught a giant wave of stardom yet again, first as the iconic frontman for Aerosmith, and now as the funny, eccentric, supportive judge on the world’s most popular talent show.

“Being in Aerosmith is my life-long passion,” says Tyler, 63, who has spent more than four decades in the band and sold more than 100 million albums. “But to think that something else could have a spin as big as that? Nothing comes close to [singing with Aerosmith] in a live show, with the curtain dropping and 80,000 people out there. But on Idol, the curtain goes up and there are eight 800 million.”

More like 20 million, but you get the idea: Tyler is luxuriating in the spotlight. He understands that his personality came as something of a surprise to those who assumed he’d be a bad-ass rocker with attitude instead of the big-hearted marshmallow he turned out to be.

“Look,” he says, “the image of a rock star, whether it’s Eric Clapton or Keith Richards, is always so much different from how they are at home. All the world is really seeing is that other side of me.”

“But he did have one major concern before he took the job. Tyler was afraid before he started this new job last season that with his restless, globetrotting energy, he wouldn’t be able to sit still long enough to judge.

Now, he says he’ll be with the show as long as they want him.

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