Producer and beat master Skrillex has collaborated with Korn on some really successful tracks as of late, and is now part of a new documentary called ‘Re:Generation,’ where he and other producer/DJ’s ‘rework’ traditional musical styles. Check out this video of Skrillex with the surviving members of The Doors (John Densmore, Ray Mazarek and Robbie Krieger).

‘Breakn’ A Sweat,’ is the name of the track, and while there is an bit of audio that states ‘Light My Fire,’ it in no way sounds like the Doors classic in any way. Actually, it doesn’t resemble a Doors song at all, and I just don’t hear the collaborative effort. It sounds to me like Skrillex could have done this without any Doors input at all. Don’t get me wrong, Skrillex is a talented, popular entity in music right now, and it isn’t terrible or anything, just not my cup of tea. What do you think?