All the speculation is over. Vocalist Geoof Tate is no longer a member of Queensryche. It all started with the reported knife-wielding Tate being restrained by security back in April after going after fellow band members, and now has ended with a new vocalist for the band. The story is a complicated one however, with Tate’s daughter being married to guitarist Parker Lundgren, but now that marriage is apparently over as well.

Queensryche didn’t officially split up at that time, but the other members: Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Parker Lundgren formed a new band with Crimson Glory vocalist Todd La Torre called Rising West and quickly booked a couple shows in Seattle earlier this month. (Rising West played Queensryche’s older material at two sold-out shows June 8-9 at Seattle’s Hard Rock Cafe.) The members also said they were “denied access” to the Queensryche Facebook page and website when trying to get the word out about the Rising West shows. Then on June 11, Queensryche cancelled a previously scheduled concert opening for the Scorpions in Salt Lake City with Tate playing the gig with his solo band. Tate subsequently told fans on a Seattle radio station: “Just hang in there. Everything’s moving along and everything’s looking good.” It sounds like there was continued discussions to keep the lineup together, but that blew up.

Tate’s stepdaughter, Miranda Tate, got into the mix as well, posting the following on the Queensryche FB page:

“It’s about time to get some truth on the table.

1. No one…not Geoff or anyone else in Queensryche has posted on the in months. Posting by all members was stopped at the same time. This was not Geoff’s doing.

2. Geoff and the other members of Queensryche can post any sort of event on the Queensryche Facebook just in the same fashion as they always have.

3. Geoff is on the defensive and all the truth as to how hostile he has been treated will be known soon.

4. Look back at who wrote the songs for Queensryche since Chris (DeGarmo, guitar) left. The heavy majority of the songs has been Geoff with an outside writer. This is due to very little to no material being submitted by the other members of the band.

5. Geoff originally wanted to go in a different direction for the last Queensryche album… heavier. But for the first time in years the other guys were submitting songs. So Geoff used their material and Dedicated To Chaos is what they together came up with. Don’t believe me… check the credits.

6. Geoff does the majority of the writing, the majority of the interviews, is there every day for the mix, produces with every producer while the other members are hardly ever in the room. I have watched this with my own eyes since I can remember. Geoff never complains and splits album sales royalties equally.

7. (Geoff’s wife and Miranda’s mother) Susan, as the band’s manager, negotiated with outside writers (pissing them off) to give part of their publishing royalties to the other non-writing members of Queensryche.

8. My family worked tirelessly and happily to keep Queensryche working.

9. I emailed endlessly to get photos and words or anything to post (on the app or Facebook) for the fans from all the members in Queensryche and got little to nothing from any of them except Geoff.

10. When our business attorney wrote an e-mail to the band stating how some of our employees did a fantastic job and thanking them… one of the other members of Queensryche (not Geoff) wrote back saying that he didn’t want our employees thanked since they were being paid.

11. No one has checked the fan club email or taken care of giving away one meet-and-greet pass since the Tates were stopped by the other members of the band from doing it. However, Geoff has honored the Queensryche fan club and given away meet-and-greet passes to his solo shows.

12. Every fan club event was planned by my family for the last several years and Geoff happily attended all while other members complained.

13. Every concept for every tour was voted on by the band (including the cabaret). All members of Queensryche happily split equally, all the money made from each tours although some (not Geoff) complained later when some of the tour concepts were received with less-than-open arms. Geoff stood by the creative decision and took the good with the bad.

So before you think the man that worked the hardest by a long way for years and years is a tyrant then think again. You don’t know the facts.”

Misty Rockenfield, the wife of drummer Scott Rockenfield then responded with: “This is all a flat-out lie.” Miranda then came back and defended Tate once again. As I mentioned earlier, Miranda is also the now ex-wife of guitarist Parker Lundgren.

Drummer Scott Rockenfield says in a statement: “Over the past few months there have been growing creative differences within Queensryche. We want our fans to know that we hoped to find a common resolution, but in the end parting ways with Geoff was the best way for everyone to move forward in a positive direction. We wish him the best of luck with all of his future endeavours. We can’t wait to bring Queensryche to our fans with Todd behind the microphone.”

All scheduled performances are on currently on hold and the band said to check their official website (which they now apparently have access to) for updated information to be announced.

New singer La Torre will continue working with Crimson Glory, stating: “There is a mutual respect between both bands – it’s a win-win situation for all involved. The fans of Queensrÿche that are unaware of Crimson Glory are in for a treat when they review the material.”

Here’s footage from the recent gig by the now short lived Rising West at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle: